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Greater intimacy leads to more expectations. That means there are more chances of disappointment. Since marital discords are not simple at all, just "talking" won't help. You could do with some help. Getting rid of bad luck can be easily possible if you get to meet the right astrologer who holds in-depth knowledge on good luck astrology and knows astrological remedies for good luck.

Some distant relative or colleague or even a friend who envies your.

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Family is the epicenter of support in our lives. It's also the source of strength, love, happiness, and a communal spirit that starts right at home. However, there are chances that this family that you are so proud of can disintegrate. Your pillar of support can weaken. If this is a cause for worry and if you are looking for means to end familial disharmony, it's time to get help.

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A less formal apprenticeship is possible by getting permission from your clients to make a copy of the tapes from your sessions and share them with another astrologer who can provide supervision for you. This type of work is so valuable: I monitor sessions of all of my advanced and professional-level students to help them not make and then repeat costly mistakes; to help them find a consulting style that is appropriate to the way they wish to practice, to their personal resources and talents.

Elect a chart for turning professional. It is important that you select this chart yourself. Since you will be working for yourself, this self-initiation, this rite of passage is very important symbolically. It will help you to understand and believe in the integrity of your work. Make sure when you start that you have your business procedures down cold; getting them right from the start will save a lot of grief later as you and your practice grow:. Know how to take and schedule appointments; 2.

Have a quick way of screening and placing clients to determine the beginning level of your consulting work; 5. Have your office work space neat, comforting, and comfortable; 7. And, finally, make sure all the equipment and tools of the trade are in order and working. Before you can charge clients for your work, you have to set rates for your services.

How you set your rates is determined by what you feel your work is worth to others. If lots of people come to see you and pay you your fee, you were correct as to your worth. If no one comes to see you or just a few do, you have set your rates too low or too high.

At least we know that your fees were not set appropriately. I recommend that you do not use a sliding scale. A few astrologers use a sliding scale and make a very good living, but most astrologers who use a sliding scale have poor practices because they have an inaccurate picture of their self-worth. Not everyone on the planet is supposed to be able to afford your work. To believe so is to have feelings of inferiority and a messianic complex simultaneously.

At any rate, your inaccurate self-picturing will make it difficult to earn a living in astrology. If money is their chief concern, then concentrate on helping them get more of it and handle it better. It is good to do work for free once in a while, to donate a certain amount of your time to volunteering your professional services.

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It is a sane principle and will possibly help others become familiar with good astrology and see the good that astrologers can do. One way to set your rates is to ask your teacher to set them for you initially. Alternately, you can ask the people whose charts you have been doing for free or those whom you have been seeing under instruction of your teacher, how much your work would be worth to them. Take an average of the numbers given to you and let it be your rate. You can always adjust it later. There are plenty of people who can, and they need you as much as you need them.

Make your policies having to do with money very clear to your clients. Do you take postdated checks? Will you take partial payments? Will you do a trade? Do you want deposits in advance? I deal with this through my no-cancellation policy and taking new clients only by referral. It also saves the extra accountancy hassle of having to record money twice for one appointment. Until you know your own stride, keep your astrological reading light, short, and cheap. This will allow you to present an honest, sincere, and positive picture of yourself and your work. Further, you become affordable to a large client base.

Everyone can afford you, and you can do 20 appointments a day! This requires some real work with the issue of boundaries and time, but this is one fast way to success. I have seen some astrologers do this and succeed. This is one winning formula. Those of you who need more time than a fifteen-minute session can try working in thirty-minute or forty-five-minute or one-hour segments. You will need to charge enough for your work so that you will be able to survive, of course.

Remember, however, if you have an interactive consulting style requiring sessions to last one or two hours, your practice will build more slowly. Your work will cost more because it requires more time and, by the nature of interactive dialogue, it will require more commitment from the client. There is a pitfall here.

This has been a mistake taken by some modern astrologers. Astrology is not legal everywhere, locally or internationally. In the United States, it is of different legal status in each state.

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The astrology organization AFAN Association for Astrological Networking publishes a legal aid kit for astrologers as well as a media package, which can be very helpful in making your young practice secure in the face of any local legal problem. It is good to know exactly where you stand legally before you start practicing. Find out from other astrologers who practice in your area what their perspective and experiences are about. Many anti-astrology laws are very antiquated and unenforced; many are unconstitutional and actually unenforceable. Talk to others about this issue and stay in contact with other astrologers.

We often represent a different point of view than the one expressed in the rest of the community.

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As a minimum, you should have a digital recorder, computer, printer, answering machine, telephone, and maybe a fax machine. The financial sensibility of owning equipment as opposed to just renting, or using a service with the equipment, is a twofold proposition: accounting and time. For accounting, there are simple formulas as to how long it will take you to amortize the cost of a piece of equipment and how much income is lost if you do not own the equipment. Renting or using a service may be helpful if you are not in frequent need of the equipment.

It takes time to learn how to use a new piece of software or a new computer.

It may be very difficult for you to factor the time of learning a new system into your procedures. Talk to other owners of the same system to appraise how long it will take to learn reasonable proficiency. Even answering machines, tape-recorders, fax machines, and printers require some hours of learning to know the machine well enough to use correctly.

Buying equipment without factoring in the learning time is a mistake people frequently make. Prices on all electronic equipment tend to go down in time. The longer you wait, the better deal you will get. When you develop a Business Plan, be sure to include time and money each year for your continuing education. Your knowledge is what produces income in astrology. Your mind is your most valuable equipment; it is your factory, your means of production. Your knowledge base is not a static fixed asset. What you know goes down in effectiveness if you are not making some conscious effort to improve it on a daily basis.

Continuing education is required in every major profession and service occupation. Be willing to allot time and money for this process. The investment that you make in your own education before and during the practice of astrology is such an important investment that all other investments are insignificant in terms of time and money. Most successful astrologers will invest thousands of dollars in their initial education and several thousand more annually. Very few of us will ever invest this much in equipment or other factors.

You make some type of investment in real estate. After all, you will have to see clients somewhere. Of course, it is most important that your space be private. Upcoming ISAR events. Michael Lutin — Humans Rising. David Cochrane — Forecast for Read more Astrology Challenged by Modern Worldview. Soma County. All The Sun Goes Round. Aleksandar Imsiragic President, Education Director. David Railey Vice President. Samuel F. Reynolds International GD Director. Linda Leaman Director of Records. Alia Wesala Marketing Director. Shelley Ackerman Publicity Director. Kenneth D.