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Below, in the 4th house area where we find, Cancer the other Solstice Point the place of our roots, our tribe, family, and traditions that are upheld or not above. The horizontal, Horizon line is the Ascendant and the Descendant, East and West are the natural places for Aries and Libra, representing our outlook, our perspective and how we interact with others.

It is our Tree of Life and living. Astrology charts have these strong foundations, yet as we know, astrology charts all have different signs, rising and culminating, making our charts unique, yet the symbolism remains strong with these principles in each. Here we are all united as a common tribe, are all children of the great mother earth and all spring from the primordial ocean.

As we know the stars have been an inspiration and guide to many ancient cultures, and the axis mundi, the four cardinal points reflect the Anima Mundi, the world soul, the merging of heaven and earth. Many ancient cosmologies tell of a magnificent World-Tree that grows at the centre of the universe and encompasses all realms of existence: its stem pierces through the world of human affairs, its branches reach high up to the domain of the Gods, upholding the firmament of the heavens and all the stars and planets, while its roots stretch far down into the dark, chthonic Underworld.

The image of the World-Tree or Tree of Life is truly universal. At this time of year many decorate an evergreen Tree, with a star on top. The current climate is reflected in the astrology of the moment! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and shows what we have mastered and built for ourselves. Think of this in collective terms and we can see where we are.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Capricorn represents those that have made it in the world, those with authority and clout, those responsible for governing the system, the status quo and what is expected. We are surrounded by leaders and governing systems, we no longer trust, nor have faith in. It all felt like our collective karma was being unleashed onto the world for another grand awakening. I have noted that Vesta represents a process of compression and contraction much like the first stage of birth labor. The uterus is pressing in on all sides, but the cervix has not yet dilated, so there is no place yet for the baby to go!

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Curiously enough, the Libra ingress is also closely preceded by a New Moon, which is again conjunct one of the Asteroid Goddesses, Pallas Athena. Pallas symbolizes a release of the pressure from the Vesta stage and a springing forth into the birth canal or wormhole that leads to our future.

Let us hope it is so!

You can read more material about the Goddesses on my Web site and my Goddess Astrology page on Facebook. With this general sense of the process of rebirth in mind, what else does the Libra ingress chart show us? When the chart is cast for Washington, D. Right away, this tells us that President Barack Obama who also has Aquarius rising will be making some prominent appearances. This is no surprise, but this theme is backed up in a couple other places.

The Moon is a mundane chart represents the people and where their attention falls. In the 10th whole sign house, this Moon is focused on the executive branch of the government. The president himself, symbolized by the Sun, is in the 9th whole sign. This suggests that his attention is on legal and foreign affairs. But what about health care, you may ask? We must assume that, after his speech, the president will once again leave this process to the legislative branch.

In fact, the Sun in the 9th is suggestive of him signing into law some new initiative s.

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The Congress itself and legislation are symbolized by the 11th house. With the Sagittarius Midheaven there, ruled by Jupiter rising in the 1st whole sign, we can again assume some progress. When we begin to look at the dispositorships for this chart, we can flesh out the picture further.

Located in the 8th whole sign Virgo , Venus symbolizes a concern with the details of our financial relations with other countries. In the sign of her fall, she is unable to exercise her power due to circumstances beyond her control. I also predicted earlier this year that, since Mercury retrogrades are moving from air signs back into earth signs, we may see political issues from the years and re-emerge, as Mercury was following the same pattern in those years as well.

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A broader look at the dispositor trees for this chart gives us a feeling of the overall spirit of the time. Since there is a mutual reception, Mercury in Virgo cannot be the final dispositor of the entire chart. The fallen Sun in the 9th may indicate a call for some voluntary restrictions on travel to ease the possibility of spreading contagious illnesses.

A fallen Venus in the 8th also suggests that public mortality perhaps from war as well as flu will be perceived as somehow under the control or influence of special circumstances. The saving grace of this chart seems to be Mercury in his own sign of Virgo. I feel that he is protected by his conjunction with Pallas, the patron of heroic endeavor — the Palladium was one of the most sought-after protective talismans in ancient Greece. However, Mercury also faces a few challenges here because he is retrograde, conjunct Saturn, and invisible.

The journey to the Underworld is steeped in diverse mythology. Joseph Campbell notes that it is part of the Universal path of the Hero. In astrological symbolism, we can see that the invitation to the Underworld harkens at every turn. Midnight comes to us each day, beckoning us to explore the subconscious Underworld of our dreams.

The New Moon visits us monthly, asking us to explore the ebbing of our vital force and the quiet place within. The winter solstice is a time of spiritual seeking and rededication of our life path. The heliacal setting of a planet into invisibility as it moves within 15—18 degrees of the Sun asks us to explore the unconscious qualities of that energy in ourselves and our environment.

My used-to-be neighbor Derril has killed at least 37 deer with one gun. A Bargain-Priced Hatch.

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The office staff was as confused as I was as to the purpose of my visit, so I excused myself and tried to retreat to the warrens from whence I emerged but found myself unable to open the door that would grant me ingress to the tunnels. The Rainbow Clockwerkz. Log in or sign up to add your own related words. Log in or sign up to get involved in the conversation. It's quick and easy. Langdon dubbed it Sterile Renaissance. Beside the arched ingress hung a small bronze plaque. February 28, The WordNet definition is confusing.